The future of reliable, clean energy in America.

Oncore Energy: Premium hydrogen fuel cell microgrid

Energy independence
24/7 protection
100% green and clean

The first hydrogen fuel cell microgrid in North America.

  • Starting at 4kW, 8kW, 12kW and 16kW for home use
  • Control energy costs
  • Federal & state tax benefits


Conventional power grids are becoming unreliable and unsustainable.

Conventional power grids face two looming problems.

Our national power grids are based on a “macro” model that has resulted in regional supply issues and periodic brown outs and black outs. Costs of electricity continue to climb with lower reliability. Storage of electricity/power has always been a challenge. Hydrogen fuel cells provide a very cost effective and efficient method to provide critical needed electricity.

Modern home with solar power with Oncore Energy system

The good news?

Hydrogen fuel cells provide reliable, resilient, clean electricity when and where you need it.

Oncore Energy Products

Oncore Energy Bronze

Hydrogen fuel cell generator

Intended Users: Those whose primary goal is uninterrupted power whether using alternative energy sources or not (wind, solar, etc.)

Oncore Energy Gold

Hydrogen fuel cell generator
Store solar & wind energy using hydrogen

Intended Users: Those whose primary goal is uninterrupted power but also wanting the ability to produce and store Hydrogen for future needs.


Control costs

Switch between grid power, renewable, and hydrogen fuel cells.

Oncore Energy's patented telemetry technology is designed to automatically select the lowest-cost energy option for your home or business.

"Stack" power

Oncore Energy has the ability to "stack" hydrogen fuel cells for a range of size needs. Need to upgrade your energy bandwidth? No problem. We can add-on to the total capability of your current setup.

Capture extra energy / reduce waste

We partnered with excellent technological partners to create the self-sustaining option if you own another form of power generation like a solar panel or windmill. Using an electrolyzer, we can convert extra energy generated by your solar panels into storable hydrogen.

Safe environment with fish, deer, birds and green trees

100% green, clean & safe

Hydrogen fuel cells are a form of green, sustainable energy.

ESG compliant

Our process helps your company come into compliance with increasing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards adopted by business leaders and government entities around the nation. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is one of the best and most optimal ways to help you actually achieve ESG compliance in the future.

Leaf illustrating ESG approval
Federal & State tax benefits/credits

Federal & State tax benefits

Depending on your locality, you could be eligible for significant tax benefits and rebates through your local, state, and federal government. Some users could even see 65% or more of the unit's cost paid for by these tax rebates.

For a full breakdown of each area's tax benefits, check out our Tax Rebates & Incentives page.


Energy solutions for homeowners, businesses, corporations, and government agencies

Whether you have a home in need of microgrid abilities, a business with peak-power supplementation needs, or a government entity looking for energy security - we can help you fill the gap with hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Hydrogen fuel cells are the future of clean, renewable energy

The future of energy is here, and we want to invite you to take part in the pioneering of this technology. As leaders in the fuel cell technology space, we've developed a solution that will change the way you think about energy. By harnessing the power of green hydrogen fuel cells, we can help you commit to a more independent, sustainable future.

Explore more by reading our Why Hydrogen page.


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Microgrid Project: Energy Innovation, Integration and Assurance

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Microgrid Project: Energy Innovation, Integration and Assurance

April 29, 2024

Fargo, N.D. (April 29, 2024) – BWR Innovation announces it was recently granted a two-year subcontract by The Global Connective Center, LLC as a part of an agreement with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to develop and integrate capabilities for a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Microgrid (H2MG) to promote operation energy resilience. The H2MG project…