Tax Rebates/Credit & Incentives

For your hydrogen fuel cell generator system

Federal incentives for hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel cells may be eligible for a 30% federal tax credit.

**Reminder: these incentives can be time sensitive. Act now to qualify!**

What are the details?

There are several portions of this legislation that give tax benefits to hydrogen fuel cell users.

Energy Credit

The legislation grants an extension to the 30% investment tax credit through 2024.

Energy Storage Credit

Users have the possibility of an energy storage credit through the federal government. This is a provision that is available through 2025.

Clean Hydrogen Production Credit

This is a 10-year incentive for the production of energy using fuel cells. This gives users up to $3 per kilogram or a 30% investment tax credit.

Kg of CO2 per kg of H2Credit Value in Dollars
4 - 2.5 kg CO2$0.60 / kg of H2
2.5 - 1.5 kg CO2$0.75 / kg of H2
1.5 - 0.45 kg CO2$1.00 / kg of H2
0.45 - 0 kg CO2$3.00 / kg of H2

*All information on this page is strictly educational in nature and is not tax advice. Please contact a tax attorney or CPA with questions on tax incentive qualifications in your area.

**All numbers are subject to change and fluctuation. Oncore Energy takes no responsibility for actual rebates, credits and incentives.