The future of reliable, clean energy in America.

Agriculture Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator

Farmers, growers, ranchers, and producers all require energy in their agricultural efforts. In a state like California where grid energy is expensive and unreliable, finding alternatives to power operations is a necessity. Farms that already use wind or solar power need ways to power productions when alternative energy sources are "down" due to lack of sun, wind or nightfall. The Oncore Energy system is the perfect solution to help you keep operations going, even when the traditional power grid is not cooperating.

There are significant cost advantages to using hydrogen fuel cells, especially when utilities are employing demand charges for large consumers of energy.

Oncore options for agricultural users

System Sizes

Agricultural producers and growers have access to all scalable versions of the Oncore system. The system is modular, and is flexible to your specific use case.


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 4kW


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 8kW


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 12kW


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 16kW


Expandable to meet your needs

Stackable power is modular and expandable - 20kW

Bronze & Gold Options

There are two options for Oncore Energy: Bronze and Gold.

Oncore Energy Bronze

Standalone power hydrogen fuel cell generator. The hydrogen fuel cell generator runs using fuel from a pre-filled tank. This tank is refilled when needed by a local supplier.

Oncore Energy Gold

Hydrogen fuel cell system outfitted with an electrolyzer to convert solar (or wind) energy to hydrogen. This allows you to convert extra energy from solar or wind directly into storable hydrogen. This gives a multitude of opportunities, including setting you up with your very own independent microgrid.


Clean replacement for diesel or gas generators

Depending on a farm's location, there may be restrictions on what types of power generation may be used in agriculture. California has already passed a portable generator ban as of January 2022, and many expect other states and countries to follow.

We expect restrictions to get tighter over time. This is why we developed the ability to replace the same power you generate from gas or diesel, using green hydrogen fuel cells. Whether you are operating a pump, drive shaft, or any other tool with an electrical interface, Oncore Energy can power it.

Your ticket to energy independence, farm-wide

Oncore Energy can be used in a Microgrid, where you can produce energy independent of the power grid. The Oncore Energy Gold generator connects to your existing solar or wind power and converts it to hydrogen fuel cells. These fuel cells can be stored in tanks and used when solar or wind power is not available. Production and storage of power is local, giving you complete grid independence. Oncore Energy makes blackouts and surcharges a thing of the past.

Control your farm's energy costs

Spending cash on energy can be a huge cost for agricultural operations. Fuel and electricity costs account for 15% of production costs in the United States (according to the University of Maryland). "Demand charges" occur during peak energy times and can result in exorbitant charges for a user.

Agricultural users can employ "peak shaving" to help reduce costs. Peak shaving is when a user switches from conventional grid power to an alternative source of power during peak times (in this case, hydrogen energy). The goal is to avoid using grid power during times when it's most expensive.

The Oncore Energy system can automatically switch back and forth between grid power and hydrogen energy, depending on current cost and availability. Farm operators can reduce electricity bills, giving you better margins. When the Oncore Energy Gold system is paired with on-site solar or wind power, the variable cost to produce hydrogen is negligible (as low as $0!)

Protect your business from peak power costs and long term energy cost inflation.

Use cases

Agricultural operations need energy. Oncore Energy can provide a clean, renewable, constant source of energy.

The sky's the limit for our Oncore Energy system, but the following are several uses cases where it could be used.

  • Agriculture and growing operations
  • Cannabis growers
  • Wineries
  • Dairy operations (milk & cream)
  • Fruit/orchard growers (grapes, strawberries, oranges, lemons, raspberries, etc.)
  • Nut growers (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, etc.)
  • Cattle and calving operations; ranching
  • Vegetable operations (lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, garlic, etc.)
  • Cash crops (hay, cotton, soybeans, etc.)

Powering irrigation pumps

Growing food with less water is an increasingly important challenge for growers. Irrigation systems like linear and center pivot irrigation systems are designed to help deliver water in a sustainable and manageable way.

We help you power these irrigation systems and pumps with sustainable and green power. These irrigation systems can be outfitted with the Oncore Energy Bronze system. Running on clean hydrogen, a sufficiently built out system can power your irrigation system for as long as you need. Our hydrogen fuel cell generator is quiet. It runs cleanly and efficiently in the field.

Lift station power generation

Removing water from fields takes a lot of energy, especially if you require a high flow rate. Depending on the pump motor size, total horsepower to lift water can be between 3 and 20 horsepower. When you make the large initial investment in a lift station to move water from a drain tile field - you need it to work. Every time.

Traditional setups will locate the pump near a grid power line. As a result, this limits the design and location of your tile field. In rural areas, power companies will often charge extra to lengthen power from the main lines to your pump. This will significantly increase the overall cost of your lift station/tile drainage project.

In other instances, land owners will use gas or diesel powered generators to operate the pumps. These often require routine maintenance (like oil changes) and do not fall under the green/carbon requirements many states like California have in place.

Oncore Energy Gold can power your lift station anywhere in the field. When it is paired with wind or solar, you can actually create store-able hydrogen to power your lift station, 24/7/365.

Complete Microgrid to power farm

On a grand scale, Oncore Energy Gold is the complete independent power solution for a farm. Whether you are running large fans in barns for livestock, powering chicken facilities, lighting outbuildings and storage facilities, or anything else, we can help you own your own power.

Farms with preexisting solar or wind power generation are the perfect candidates for Oncore Energy Gold. Operations that have "co-location" solar panels already have the infrastructure in place to generate power. This can be used in combination with Oncore Energy Gold to store and use hydrogen fuel cells to be completely energy independent, even during cloudy days and at night.

Emerging Prairie’s Grand Farm is using Oncore Energy to develop their own energy independence. They will be able to produce all of their own energy using solar and wind, and any excess energy will be stored as hydrogen fuel to power above and beyond the farmstead's needs. Grand Farm can now operate on a Microgrid, independent of the traditional grid.


In each use case, we work with installers and electricians to retrofit a solution to your needs. Use our contact page to write about your specific needs, and an Oncore Energy representative will discuss a solution over the phone.

Very little water used to make hydrogen, compared to other uses in the agricultural setting. Let us know how much power you need in your use case, and we can tell you exactly how much water you need to make hydrogen with the Oncore Energy Gold option.

We work with trusted installers to strategize, set up, and install each unit. We consult with business owners, building managers, and electricians (when needed) before installing units on the property. Our sales team will work with you to hammer out specific details.

We work with SolArk to develop inverters for all types of solar panels. If you have solar on your property or on your roof, we can help you.

There is no odor and the system is very quiet. The water vapor is warm, humid and not dangerous.