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Oncore Energy Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator Features

Select from two Oncore Energy systems:

Oncore Energy Bronze

Standalone power hydrogen fuel cell generator and microgrid system. This generator runs using fuel from a filled tank. This tank is refilled as needed by a local supplier in your area.

Primary users: Those whose primary goal is uninterrupted power whether using alternative energy sources or not (wind, solar, etc.)

Oncore Energy Gold

The key difference with the Gold unit is the ability to convert extra energy from solar or wind into storable hydrogen. It is the same hydrogen fuel cell generator and microgrid system, BUT with an electrolyzer (a tool to convert electricity to hydrogen).

Primary users: those who DO have a source of renewable energy on the property (solar panels, windmills, etc.).


Control costs by automatically switching between grid power, renewable, and hydrogen fuel cells

Oncore Energy's patented telemetry technology is designed to automatically select the lowest-cost energy option for your home or business.

The custom MyH2Link algorithm takes many factors into consideration, including:

  • Electricity usage
  • Renewable energy production (e.g. is it sunny enough for solar panels to produce hydrogen supply)
  • Battery and hydrogen tank status
  • Weather forecasts
  • User data and preferences
  • Grid-related announcements from utility companies and municipalities

Your home or business will run automatically on the lowest-cost energy, whether grid, renewable, or hydrogen power.

MyH2Link dashboard
MyH2Link Dashboard

Modular & "stackable" power units

Oncore Energy has the ability to "stack" hydrogen fuel cells for a range of size needs. Think you'll need more power in the future? No problem! Our system scales as your usage grows.

Unit sizing is based on 4-kilowatt increments.

Our sizing is as follows:

  • 4kW
  • 8kW
  • 12kW
  • 16kW
  • 20kW+

Your energy demands will dictate what kW size you need. Our team will help you walk through the process of selecting the right size.

Stackable power is modular and expandable - 4kW
4kW system
Stackable power is modular and expandable - 16kW
16kW system
Stackable power is modular and expandable - 100kW
100kW system
Stackable power is modular and expandable - 300kW plus
300kW system

Capture energy with Oncore Energy Gold

Oncore Energy Gold converts unused energy from solar and wind power into storable hydrogen fuel cells. We partnered with excellent technological partners to create the self-sustaining option if you own another form of power generation like a solar panel or windmill.

You can run your own microgrid and gain control of your own energy future.

100% green, clean & safe

Hydrogen fuel cells are a form of green, carbon-free, sustainable energy.

Durable equipment

Oncore Energy's fuel cells and supporting equipment can provide energy in hot or cold temperatures. Built to withstand hot and cold outdoor environments.

ESG compliant

Our process helps your company come into compliance with increasing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards adopted by business leaders and government entities around the nation. Hydrogen fuel cell technology is one of the best and most optimal ways to help you actually achieve ESG compliance in the future.

Federal & State tax benefits/credits

Depending on your locality, you could be eligible for significant tax benefits and credits through your state and federal government. Some users could even see 65% or more of the unit's cost paid for by these tax credits.

For a full breakdown of each area's tax benefits, check out our Tax Rebates & Incentives page.

Low mechanical maintenance

The Oncore Energy system has very low maintenance. There are very few moving parts. The only required maintenance for a fuel cell is replacing air filters once a year. That's it!

If there are issues with the software or computer elements, Oncore Energy has the ability to deploy resources to fix these issues.


This is the brains of the operation. MyH2Link calculates cost-based decisions on when to switch from grid energy to hydrogen energy.

Utilizing patented telemetry technology, all components of the Oncore Energy system are designed for precision. This allows you to optimize financial models to determine the best ratio of solar panel energy, wind turbine energy, grid energy, etc.

Users can set parameters in which they want to operate. The system will keep learning over time and help you to become more independent of the grid and save money.


Yes. The system can be stored indoors, in a garage or outdoors adjacent to a building.

Most applications will only take up about a 4x4 ft. area. This space should be located near the "load box". The installation team will help you locate this area and develop a strategy for placement.

The cost of the unit largely depends on the situation. The biggest factors of cost are which size unit your situation demands, whether you use the Oncore Energy Bronze or Gold version, etc. Sales representatives will be able to take all these details and get you an actual estimated cost.