About Oncore Energy

The premier provider of hydrogen fuel cell energy in North America


Oncore Energy is the premier provider of hydrogen fuel cell energy in North America. The team developed the first-ever hydrogen fuel cell microgrid in America. We are able to power homes, businesses, and government entities facilities with clean, green power.

The precursor and parent holding company, BWR Innovations, was named a "World Changing Idea". The team was involved in the H2 Hydrogen Home project led by SoCalGas.

Oncore Energy believes we have a role in building a responsible and ethical future for energy. By developing sustainable, clean energy solutions, we can help deliver a brighter future for the next generation.


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Sol-Ark - Our trusted inverter technology supplier. They help us produce our Oncore Energy Gold product. Their firm was founded in 2013 by veterans and power engineers. Their goal is to create "the most reliable, innovative, affordable solar storage solutions to protect families and their businesses".

Check them out at sol-ark.com.