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Government & Defense Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator

Federal, state and local governments need reliable, cost-effective ways to generate large amounts of backup power. In situations where traditional grid power is either down or unavailable, electrical power must be generated on-site. A portable, scalable power generation solution is necessary. Some government users are also looking for ways to capture wasted energy from solar installations (energy curtailment).

Oncore Energy is a carbon-free, powerful power generation solution derived from hydrogen. Our system will supply scalable power, while assisting you in the push to become carbon neutral.

Government & defense applications for Oncore Energy include:

  • Department of Defense branches including Air Force, Navy, Army, Marine Corps, and Space Force
  • State governments and agencies
  • Local and municipal government entities
  • Emergency management agencies (like FEMA)

Oncore Energy options for Government & Department of Defense

System Sizes

Government and Department of Defense users have the option to use any size of Oncore Energy that fits their needs.

The power from hydrogen fuel cells is modular and can be "stacked" in increments of 4kW. While any power size can be constructed, there are two general sizes that fit most use cases:


This range extends from powering a mobile command unit to a medium-sized operation.

Stackable power is modular and expandable - 20kW


This will power entire bases and operations.

Stackable power is modular and expandable - 300kW plus

Bronze & Gold Options

There are two options for government and defense users: Bronze and Gold.

Oncore Energy Bronze

Standalone power hydrogen fuel cell generator. The hydrogen fuel cell generator runs using fuel from a pre-filled tank. This tank is refilled when needed by a local supplier.

Oncore Energy Gold

Primary Choice

Hydrogen fuel cell system outfitted with an electrolyzer or methanol reformer to convert energy to hydrogen.

With existing solar/alternative energy - If your operation has existing solar or alternative energy production, this allows you to convert extra energy directly into storable hydrogen. This gives a multitude of opportunities, including reducing costs associated with energy curtailment. It also gives your operation the ability to be energy independent on a microgrid.

With methanol reformers - We can pair the Oncore Energy system with a methanol reformer to produce storable hydrogen. Based on your needs and specifications, the Oncore Energy system will be outfitted with a methanol reformer. Methanol is easier to procure than bottled hydrogen, which makes it a better choice for some remote use cases. The methanol is used as an energy carrier, rather than as a fuel. We convert the methanol to hydrogen within the Oncore Energy system.


Free variable cost

The only major expenditure for the Oncore Energy system is the upfront capital costs. Once you are producing storable hydrogen fuel using Oncore Energy Gold, your operation can produce energy at nearly zero costs. No additional costs to produce, beyond existing solar upkeep or methanol costs.

Instant energy independence

The Oncore Energy system both produces electricity from hydrogen power AND creates hydrogen from excess solar energy or methanol. This allows the system to be self-sustaining and independent.

Store power from solar or methanol reformers

The Oncore Energy system is designed to be used in a microgrid setting. There are two options to create storable hydrogen: solar + electrolyzer OR a methanol reformer.

If your operation has solar panels or windmills on-site, we can add the Oncore Energy Gold system to begin capturing extra energy production. Our system has an electrolyzer, which converts electricity from solar panels into hydrogen gas. This hydrogen gas is stored in pressurized tanks and available for use by the generator.

If solar is not an option OR your operation needs increased amounts of hydrogen, we have a methanol reforming solution.

Secure, easy-to-transport Conex/shipping containers

We build our Oncore Energy units directly into portable shipping containers in government-use situations. This allows you to store it safely either on base or as part of a mobile command center. Depending on your needs, the system can be built into a 20ft or 40ft container. Since the system is expandable and modular, several containers could be used in conjunction with each other.

Increase profitability of solar through energy curtailment

Solar energy must either be used immediately, stored, or lost altogether. Oncore Energy Gold is a storage solution that converts unused energy from solar and wind power into storable hydrogen fuel (by using an electrolyzer to convert electricity and water into hydrogen). This is both self-sustaining and a way to make solar more financially feasible at scale.

Use cases

Forward operating bases

Forward operating bases need power to run operations, hospitals, and machine shops. These bases need to rely on their power sources to provide essential services to members on the base.

The Oncore Energy system is a complete unit in a Conex/shipping container that can be dropped into any place. The system will create storable hydrogen energy from solar, wind or methanol.

Emergency management services

State and federal agencies (like FEMA) respond to natural and man-made disasters where the power has been knocked out. These agencies are responsible for providing power for their mobile command operations, as well as powering key local infrastructure like hospitals.

The Oncore Energy system can be placed on the back of a semi truck and shipped into a disaster area. This can be hooked up quickly to drive large amounts of power toward essential operations. A 100kW unit can power 50 residential homes*.

Since these systems can be "stacked", an agency could have several Oncore Energy units on hand for scaled operations. This is the perfect solution for the logistical issues agencies must solve to get power into a disaster area.

*rough estimate, power needs depend on size of home, energy use inside the home, etc.

Government & Defense FAQ

Yes, Oncore Energy is designed to work with existing solar infrastructure. We consult with electricians to ensure the optimal setup for your situation.

This all depends on the energy use of the operation. The Oncore Energy system can be scaled up depending on energy needs. We consult with you to understand your energy needs, and create the system for your situation.

When using the Oncore Energy Gold, you create your own hydrogen from solar, wind or methanol. This hydrogen is stored in pressurized tanks within the Conex/shipping container. The Oncore Energy Bronze system requires the pressurized hydrogen tanks to be refueled by a supplier.

The Gold unit creates it's own hydrogen fuel, which means it is self-sustaining. This is better suited for remote locations or emergency situations. We recommend the Gold unit to our government clients, though both options are available for users.

There is no odor and the system is very quiet. The exhaust is warm, humid and not dangerous.