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Commercial use of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator

Commercial use is one of the most exciting applications for the Oncore Energy system. Small businesses, big box stores, office buildings, and more can all be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. You can protect your business from peak energy costs. You can avoid blackouts by automatically toggling to hydrogen power when the grid goes down. You can even come closer to achieving ESG goals because Oncore Energy is 100% carbon-free.

Commercial applications for Oncore include:

  • Small businesses
  • Nursing homes
  • Department stores, big box stores, grocery stores
  • Boutique shops
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Delivery services that use electric vehicles
  • Movie studios and production teams

Oncore options for commercial users

System Sizes

Commercial users have access to all sizes of the Oncore system. The power sizing is scalable to your needs. Need more power due to adding on to your building or operation? No problem! We can increase the scale as you go.


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 4kW


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 8kW


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 12kW


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 16kW


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 20kW


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 100kW

Need bigger? Check out our Heavy Industrial options.

Bronze & Gold Options

There are two options for heavy industrial users: Bronze and Gold.

Oncore Energy Bronze

Standalone power hydrogen fuel cell generator. The hydrogen fuel cell generator runs using fuel from a pre-filled tank. This tank is refilled when needed by a local supplier.

Oncore Energy Gold

Hydrogen fuel cell system outfitted with an electrolyzer to convert solar (or wind) energy to hydrogen. This allows you to convert extra energy from solar or wind directly into storable hydrogen. This gives a multitude of opportunities, including setting your operation up on a microgrid.


Control your energy costs

Energy costs can be a huge part of running a commercial operation.

Energy companies and co-ops often use "demand charges" during peak energy times, charging commercial users of energy exorbitant costs to stay up and running. These demand charges are often the most expensive part of a business's energy costs.

To combat these price hikes, commercial users can employ "peak shaving". Peak shaving is when companies switch from conventional grid power to an alternative source of power during peak times (in this case, hydrogen fuel cells).

Oncore Energy uses our proprietary technology MyH2Link to automatically switch off grid power and switch on your hydrogen fuel cell generation system. Commercial users can slash their energy bills and decrease expenses associated with running an enterprise. When the Oncore Energy Gold system is paired with existing solar panels or other alternative energy sources, the variable cost to produce hydrogen is negligible (as low as $0!)

Protect your business from peak power costs.

Make blackouts a thing of the past

When the grid goes down, your operation shuts down. Oncore Energy gives your operation the ability to keep production up, your lights on and your business in motion. The system automatically detects outages and toggles to hydrogen fuel cell power the moment the grid loses power.

Hit ESG goals

Business leaders in the United States face increasing pressure to achieve Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. These standards have been difficult to achieve in practice and many are looking for solutions. Oncore's hydrogen fuel cell technology is one of the most promising methods of complying with ESG standards.

Commercial FAQ

Depending on your anticipated power needs, we can help you determine what makes sense. Contact us to go over your specific needs. 

We work with trusted installers to strategize, set up, and install each unit. We consult with business owners, building managers, and electricians (when needed) before installing units on the property. Our sales team will work with you to hammer out specific details.

We work with SolArk to develop inverters for all types of solar panels. If you have solar on your property or on your roof, we can help you connect with our system.

Yes. The Oncore Energy system can be stored indoors or outdoors. We will help you strategize the best location for connecting either your electrical system or tools that need electricity. We can also adjust how the Oncore System is stored, based on the space needed and your specific use case.

There is no odor and the system is very quiet. The exhaust is warm, humid and not dangerous.