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Heavy Industrial Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator

Heavy industrial users are high consumers of electrical power. High energy consumers need ways to control their production costs and have reliable energy sources. Some form of backup or standby power is also likely needed to keep operations running when the grid goes down. In other cases, users need a form of portable power to replace a diesel generator.

Oncore Energy does all three things: helps control energy costs, replaces diesel generators with clean hydrogen generators and can be used as a standby/backup power generator.

Heavy industrial applications for Oncore include:

  • Marine-based construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Data centers
  • Telecom towers
  • Construction projects
  • Civil engineering
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Warehousing, storage, and packing facilities

Oncore options for heavy industrial users

System Sizes

Heavy industrial users will often require the largest capacity product offerings from Oncore Energy. The power sizing is scalable to the needs of your operation. We also have the ability to scale the power units to fit additional space or power considerations in the future.


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 4kW


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 8kW


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 12kW


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 16kW

20kW to 100kW

Stackable power is modular and expandable - 20kW


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 100kW


Stackable power is modular and expandable - 200kW

300kW to 1MW

Stackable power is modular and expandable - 300kW plus

Bronze & Gold Options

There are two options for heavy industrial users: Bronze and Gold.

Oncore Energy Bronze

Standalone power hydrogen fuel cell generator. The hydrogen fuel cell generator runs using fuel from a pre-filled tank. This tank is refilled when needed by a local supplier.

Oncore Energy Gold

Hydrogen fuel cell generators are coupled with an electrolyzer to convert solar (or wind) energy to hydrogen. This allows you to convert extra energy from solar or wind directly into storable hydrogen for use when needed. This offers a multitude of opportunities, including "peak shaving" and essentially produces your own personal microgrid.


1:1 Clean energy replacement for diesel generators

States like California are banning diesel generators, but industrial users still need portable power to build, weld, construct, and operate on a job site.

The Oncore Energy system is a 1:1 replacement for diesel generators. Instead of burning diesel to produce electricity, Oncore uses bottled hydrogen. This is carbon-free, and is acceptable for use in restrictive states. Any use case where a diesel generator would be utilized, we can replace it with Oncore Energy.

We place our Oncore Energy system within a secure shipping container in these instances. This container can be dropped anywhere: on a job site, on a barge, or outside of a shop.

Reduce peak demand costs

The cost of energy is a big consideration for any operation. Energy providers will increase rates during peak times for larger users, resulting in massive costs that can make up the vast majority of your energy expenses. Oncore Energy gives you the ability use "peak shaving" to reduce these charges. The Oncore Energy system leverages our proprietary telemetry software MyH2Link to automatically switch your operation from grid power to hydrogen power when prices go up, allowing you to avoid "demand charges" or peak use costs.

Use cases

Barges & marine-based construction work

Marine-based construction projects need portable power for welding, cutting, machining, and operating winches and hoists. Normally, this is done by a diesel generator. In states like California, diesel generators are either facing severe restrictions or outright bans on use. Since construction projects still need to be completed, a power solution that is acceptable by today's standards is necessary.

Oncore Energy is a 1:1 replacement for diesel generators. Running on pressurized hydrogen, our systems can put out anywhere from 4kW to 1MW of power for industrial uses. Deck barges, inland barges, spud barges and ocean barges can all be outfitted with the Oncore Energy system.

Manufacturing facilities

Manufacturers and producers draw high amounts of power from the traditional grid. Oncore Energy can be used to bring the operation's consumption of grid energy down below the "demand charge" line, saving your company potentially tens of thousands of dollars. Oncore Energy uses MyH2Link to calculate the current cost of energy, your production needs and the cost of hydrogen - and uses whichever energy is cheaper.

Oncore Energy can also be used as a standby/backup generator. When the power goes down, Oncore Energy will detect this outage and instantly keep your operation powered using clean hydrogen.

Heavy Industrial FAQ

This is highly dependent on how much energy you use and other considerations. We suggest giving us a call to discuss specifics or contact us online. We can help you walk through exactly what you would need for your operation.

We work with trusted installers to strategize, set up, and install each unit. We consult with business owners, building managers, and electricians (when needed) before installing units on the property. Our sales team will work with you to hammer out specific details.

Yes. The Oncore Energy system can be stored indoors or outdoors. We will help you strategize the best location for connecting either your electrical system or tools that need electricity. We can also adjust how the Oncore System is stored, based on the space needed and your specific use case.

There is no odor and the system is very quiet. The exhaust is warm, humid and not dangerous.